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Why Choose Us?

We are committed to helping you to regain your health and your confidence. Our extensive clinical experience working with athletes, children, adults and the elderly ensures that we can assist you with a full range of physical conditions


Educating and preparing you for the active future that you desire.

In this Age of Information it has never been more important to have reliable sources of advice and education that you can trust. Our commitment to lifelong learning and professional development not only ensures that we provide the best evidence-based treatments, but also enables us to educate you about the most current, effective and safe treatments and exercise programs available.

We are active members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and are committed to treating all of our clients in accordance with their Code of Ethical Conduct, as well as exceeding their Mandatory Continuing Professional Development guidelines.

All of this ensures that we can help you to be as independent in caring for your health as possible, whilst at the same time knowing when to seek professional assistance, so that you can continue to enjoy and embrace an active lifestyle now and into the future.


Sustainable health outcomes are the result of starting with the end in mind.

We all have the best of intentions to look after our health, but we have also all experienced the frustration and futility of trying to meet unrealistic and unsustainable health and fitness goals.

Our thorough assessment procedures focus on identifying the optimal treatment  for the underlying causes of your condition, as well as the self-management activities that you can realistically participate in and maintain – for example, regardless of any theoretical benefit, there is no use designing a gym-based weights program when you have always preferred to exercise in the great outdoors, just as there is no use designing a treatment program with an emphasis on dry needling if you have a needle phobia.

Your personalised treatment program will be founded on realistic goals and timeframes, and whilst we always aim to provide rapid relief of your pain and related symptoms and effective strategies to maintain lasting functional benefits, we also recognise when it is in your best interests to work in partnership with other medical and health professionals.


You deserve the best care available, tailored to your needs and expectations.

In order to develop an optimal treatment program for you it is essential to allow enough time to explore the full range of medical and lifestyle factors that influence your health and wellbeing, and that is why our standard consultations are 30 minutes in duration.

Once we understand the health outcomes that are important to you, we will develop an integrated program of hands-on therapy, corrective exercise and self-management strategies to minimise the development or recurrence of injury.

So whether you are a junior athlete with an injury due to the effects of a rigorous training regime on your maturing body, or you are struggling with back pain or headaches due to the physical demands of work and raising a family, or you are striving to continue to enjoy an active lifestyle in your golden years despite the pains associated with osteoarthritis, you can rest assured that we not only have your best interests at heart, but we know the specific age-related and lifestyle factors that influence your condition and your recovery.

Pain Relief Professionals

Thanks to our dedicated and highly trained staff at Bulleen Physiotherapy Centre you will receive expert care so that you can achieve the best result in the shortest time period.