Our Therapies

Physical Screening

Movement and Posture testing is the key to developing your ideal treatment plan.

Movement & Postural Assessment Experts

The only way you can improve your health and wellbeing is to know what needs to be improved and have a plan to achieve your goals.

At Bulleen Physiotherapy Centre we are experts at assessing your current movement and posture and then working with you to implement a plan to achieve the health and wellbeing outcomes that matter to you.

So whether your goal is to safely start a new form of exercise, to complete a specific sporting challenge or to improve your balance as part of a falls prevention strategy you can rely on us.

48-Point Physical Screening

Our unique physical screening system uses a series of nine specific movements and postures that enable us to score your current physical function out of a total of 48 points.

The key physical attributes of neural mobility, joint mobility and stability, and muscular activation and flexibility provide you with the foundation to move with ease and comfort.

Any deficits in these attributes are clearly identified with this numerical system and provide you with a clear rationale for any recommended Physiotherapy treatment or exercise rehabilitation, or the need to refer you to other health professionals.

Sports Screening

Of course specific sports impose their own unique demands on your body and it is essential that we assess and consider the precise demands of movement patterns that are not replicated in daily life.

Our ongoing professional development combined with our personal experience participating in a wide range of sports allows us to understand the fundamental physical requirements of many sports.

Lucas also has over 12 years of experience providing Physiotherapy services to cyclists and optimising their riding position and technique utilising the world-leading Retul 3D Bike-Fit system.

Pain Relief Professionals

Thanks to our dedicated and highly trained staff at Bulleen Physiotherapy Centre you will receive expert care so that you can achieve the best result in the shortest time period.