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Movement for Life

Functional Strength and Core Stability programs help you to move at your best.

Movement for Life

Functional Movement Programs For You

Your body is made to move but the cumulative impact of a lifetime of poor postural habits, past injuries and inconsistent exercise will result in a body that does not move at its best.

Fortunately your body is very adaptable and even two sessions a week of a specific individualised movement program can transform your strength and function and allow you to simply move with ease.

It is now recognised that the best forms of exercise are those that use the whole body to replicate movement patterns from real life. These functional movements enable you to relieve the imbalances that develop from exercise programs or sports that enforce a very finite and restricted set of movements.

At Bulleen Physiotherapy Centre we are experts at using Physical Screening tests to identify your current movement deficits and using these results to develop your individual Movement for Life program.

KLT® Functional Strength Training Programs

The Kinetic Link Training® system has been developed and refined over 20 years to provide training programs that will optimise your dynamic stability and posture control without the need for expensive equipment or ongoing attendance at an exercise class.

Many forms of exercise rehabilitation and core stability programs, including Clinical Pilates, rely on equipment to support your posture and balance but this is not representative of the demands of real life.

At Bulleen Physiotherapy Centre we focus on prescribing appropriate KLT exercises which are all multi-joint, multi-plane, multi-tempo movement patterns that require you to maintain dynamic postural control and core stability and only require dumbbells and resistance bands.

Flexibility Exercises

Although many people presume that muscle stretches are universally beneficial our clinical experience is that people receive the greatest benefit from specific stretches that address the unique muscle imbalances that have developed from their unique lifestyle and injury history.

Your personalised Movement for Life program will only include stretches or flexibility exercises that are targeted to fix issues identified during your assessment or physical screening tests, whilst recognising that stretching certain regions can actually make you more susceptible to injury.

Pain Relief Professionals

Thanks to our dedicated and highly trained staff at Bulleen Physiotherapy Centre you will receive expert care so that you can achieve the best result in the shortest time period.